Is there a Safe way to Remove Smoke Odor?

The challenge of how to remove cigar and cigarette odor has been an endless one until now. 4.2.0 Odor Eliminator gets rid of smoke smell ANYWHERE in your house, car, and is even safe enough for your hair and clothes. Never before has there been a product like 4.2.0…a discreet, virtually dry aerosol that’s safe for any fabric and hair and actually eliminates odors without a wet mess… 4.2.0 is not just a mask it's The World's Strongest Odor Eliminator.


Why Smell Like Smoke?

In today’s world, smelling like smoke can mean the loss of a job, relationship, respect and more. 4.2.0 gives confidence to smokers and relief to non-smokers.


High Times Magazine said "This is the BEST single odor solution we have EVER tried"..


 Celebrity smokers Bone Thugs N Harmony members Krayzie and Layzie Bone call it the “Best thing Ever were not getting caught Riding dirty anymore.”


Multi-Platnium artist Noreaga said  "Love this Spray .” Find out what all the hype is about and order some today!

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